Environmenally Responsible Mosquito Control

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Integrated Mosquito (Pest) Management

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The following principles are advocated:

Mosquito control measures are undertaken only when there is adequate justification based upon surveillance data.

South Bend's Integrated Pest Management Program (IPM) program is tailored to the needs and requirements of the local situation. The combination of methods for mosquito control are chosen after careful consideration of the efficacy, ecological effects, and costs versus benefits of the various options, including public education, legal action, natural and biological control, elimination of breeding sources, and insecticide applications.

Mosquito breeding sources, whether natural or created by human activity are altered when possible, in such a manner as to cause the least undesirable impact on the environment.

Insecticides and application methods are used in the most efficient and least hazardous manner, in accordance with all State and Federal laws and regulations and available scientific data. The registered label requirements for insecticide are always followed. When choices are available among effective insecticides, those offering the least hazard to non-target organisms are used. Insecticides are chosen and used in a manner that will minimize the development of resistance in the mosquito population.

Personnel involved in our programs are properly trained and supervised, and certified in accordance with Washington State laws and regulation, and are maintained current with improvements in management techniques through continuing education and/or training programs.

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Mosquito Control