The following items that can hold water and allow mosquitoes to breed are often found around homes in South Bend where mosquitoes have been a problem.  If you have mosquitoes, check around your property and your neighbors for the following:

□   Cans, Bottles, and Bottle Tops
□   Buckets, Barrels, and Drums
□   Wheelbarrows
□   Boats
□   Birdbaths
□   Flowerpots and Vases
□   Pet Dishes and Bowls
□   Wading Pools
□   Un-maintained Swimming Pool
□   Tires
□   Plastic Bags or Covers
□   Tree Holes or Stumps
□   Leaky Faucets
□   Air Conditioner Drain Pipes
□   Roof Gutters (Clogged)
□   Eaves Troughs (Clogged)
□   Low Spots or Holes in Yard
□   Drainage Ditch (Clogged)

□   Catch basins
□  Rain Barrels

It there is something that cannot be drained by the home owner, we have products than can help eliminate the mosquito larvae.  Please contact us and we will help.

  • Remove all cans, bottles, bottle tops and plastic bags or covers from the site.
  • Empty buckets, barrels, drums and wheelbarrows and store overturned or in a covered area.
  • Drain boats and cover to prevent standing water.
  • Change water in bird baths, flower cuttings and pet bowls at least weekly.
  • Do not allow water to stay in pools more than a week without proper maintenance.
  • Repair leaky faucets and make sure water does not stand where air conditioner pipes drain.
  • Clean gutters, eaves troughs and ditches regularly (at least once a year).
  • Level low spots in the yard.
  • Check pet’s fur before they enter your home for mosquitoes.

Mosquito Control Program

City of South Bend, Washington

Environmenally Responsible Mosquito Control

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What can we do to help prevent

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Mosquitoes must have standing water to survive to become biting/flying adults.